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The following is about industrial chillers

TIME: 2017-07-11 17:40

In spite of the fact that Industrial Water Cooled Chiller are invented to service a similar need and have basically the same principle of operation they can vary considerably in size and design. Thus, when choosing one of these refrigeration devices it is paramount to get to know how its process and what functionality it will favor with regard to your objectives and goals. In order not to make unsubstantiated statements let us tease out an example:If you have an office or dwelling of a large area and want to install an appropriate device that needs and is supposed to provide fresh air supply and process it; (cleaning, heating and moistening during a winter period plus cooling in summer) you have to choose a good central conditioning system, where the chiller is adequate to support the climatic parameters for the premises in question. The fresh air consumption is estimated and set up due to the environmental health and safety code requirements. Thus, ventilation with fresh air creates a comfortable atmosphere in the building without any draught and stuffy heat.
As you can see this type of air conditioning system is not intended to provide very low temperatures, it is ideal for big offices and large area premises. However this kind of cooling system can be useless or less efficient in some industrial spheres where the temperature should be very low and must remain always at a steady constant, otherwise even a slight temperature drop can cause damage to your products and subsequent business. In this case high quality refrigeration devices are obligatory.As you can see looking for a good chiller for your needs you should be guided not only by personal wishes but focus greatly on every detail of its functionality and thus choose the most applicable one for the objectives.
For instance, there are chillers that cool by air and then there are units which refrigerate system by water. It should be observed that these two types are very alike and operate towards a similar task however their functionality often differs with regard to the company's individual needs and purposes. There is no doubt that a chiller operating by water is the most practical choice, however, water chillers are a good choice if not ideal for installations that have a ready and cheap water source; for example it can be a plant refrigeration water system or a cooling tower near a water source. Whereas if this was in the middle of an arid area where water was more expensive an air system would come into its own. This simple yet important difference usually figures the basis upon which firms choose which sort of air cooled chillers is best for them.
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