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Select industrial chillers

TIME: 2017-06-27 15:40

Determine the heat load: First and foremost thing to do before purchasing an Industrial Water Cooled Chiller is to determine the heat load of your industry. There are so many ways to calculate the heat load capacity and for this, you can even take professional help. It totally depends on your application, so, first of all, you have to understand your process to calculate an accurate load.
Determine the coolant type: While selecting an industrial water chiller for your workplace, don't forget to determine its cooling type, temperature and flow rate that is a must for your process.
Identify the installation environment: Another important thing to consider while selecting an industrial water chiller is its installation environment. At what place it is going to be installed? This is a must to check because the temperature or climate of indoor or outdoor is totally different. So, you should check that the product you are going to buy is able to withstand different climates or not. Their installation places will also affect its size and other required accessories.
Chiller performance curve: This will help you to select the right model, which has the capability to meet the demand of your industry.
Check pump performance: Don't forget to check the pump performance. This will help you to know that the pump provides the required pressure for flow or not to satisfy the demand of your industry.
Final selection: Last, but not the least, it's time to check the remaining applications such as power characteristics, control options, footprints, color, size and many other specifications. Choosing a standard industrial chiller bring you greater reliability and good support.
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